H2S-AC carbon filters for biogas purification

To your attention, the company offers a system for the highly efficient purification of biogas from corrosive impurities, using desulphurization columns with activated carbon.

This equipment is mandatory for installation at biogas stations, gas production and gas cleaning enterprises where there is a high content of aggressive gases (hydrogen sulfide H2S> 100ppm, ammonia NH3> 50ppm, halogens and siloxanes). This will allow the company to protect cogeneration and boiler equipment, control and safety fittings, pipelines from the effects of aggressive gases, maximize service life and ensure uninterrupted operation of the gas system.

Thanks to their special design and backfill volume, the H2S-AC filters allow the purification of gases with high flow rates at relatively low-pressure drops.

The design of the filter provides for convenient maintenance – filling and unloading of the filter material, which does not pollute the gas system with coal dust, ensures uniform distribution of the gas flow throughout the entire volume of the filter and provides for the longest possible contact time of the contaminated gas with coal fill. The gas purification quality control by the filter material is ensured by special selection devices, which are provided by the filter design.

The specially patented design of the filter is designed to place 2, 3 or more columns in a compact position next to the convenient filling of the filter material, both from 25kg bags and 500kg (1m3) Big Runs.

The biogas filter is made entirely of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, which guarantees maximum corrosion resistance to corrosive gases and acids and therefore has a guaranteed long service life of more than 10 years.

The H2S-AC filter filters are designed for outdoor installation. To reduce the temperature action, the filter structure is provided with insulation made of a non-combustible material with a thickness of at least 100 mm.

The filter material used has high adsorption characteristics. Quality activated carbon from domestic and European producers is used as filter filler.

H2S-AC filters have a wide range of gas flow.

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