Teofipol, Khmelnytsky region

Biogas complex (Teofipol)

One of the largest biogas complexes in Ukraine and Europe was built in Teofipol.

Main project activities: earthworks, construction of monolithic reinforced concrete tanks, manufacture and installation of metal structures, installation of Jenbacher generators, complex installation of utilities (plumbing and electrical networks), finishing work, landscaping.

Object power

Biogas 107 410 m3/day
Electricity 26 100 kW/h
Type of construction New construction
Construction period 05.2016 — 09.2020
Area 6.6534 ha
Building area 19 341.19 m2



First stage development

Beet pulp is the raw material used to produce heat and electricity.

Сapacity of facility: biogas— 54 694 m3/day, electricity— 5100 kw/h

Construction period 05.2016 — 12.2017
Land area 1.96 ha
Built-up area 4143 m2



Second stage development

Corn silage is the raw material used to produce heat and electricity.

Сapacity of facility: electricity— 10 500 kw/h

Construction period 09.2016 — 11.2018
Land area 1.6 ha
Built-up area 5670 m2



Third stage development

Сapacity of facility: biogas — 52 716 м3/d, electricity — 4500 kw/h

Construction period 11.2018 — 09.2020
Land area 0.7914 ha
Built-up area 2718.8 m2



Fourth stage development

Сapacity of facility: electricity — 6000 kw/h

The complex is located in Teofipol, st. Zhovtneva 12, Khmelnytskyi region (outside the town).

We care about the future today
Therefore, a distinctive feature of the company is that a significant part of the work is devoted to the construction and design of facilities that produce alternative energy, which reduces the amount of CH₄ emissions into the atmosphere. It is this kind of energy that slows down the processes of global warming and is the key to a clean environment not only in Ukraine but also in the world.
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