What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol (European name) or fuel ethanol (US) is dehydrated ethyl alcohol. It is usually used as a biofuel or fuel additive. Bioethanol is currently the most widely produced and consumed type of ethanol, and its production and consumption volumes are increasing every year.

Quality indicators are in line with regulatory documents::

In international classifications, biofuel is categorized as a product of the first, second, and third generations. The main difference between these generations lies in the type of raw materials used.


Currently, corn and sugar cane make up the largest share of bioethanol production, although any agricultural crop with high starch or sugar content, such as rice, barley, potatoes, sugar beets, sweet potatoes, and byproducts of the sugar industry, can serve as raw material.


The use of bioethanol-based fuel, which has already covered a significant portion of the world’s energy market, is becoming more relevant each year, as experts predict a rise in its worldwide production in the near future.

The overall trend in alcohol production (including bioethanol) is increasing worldwide.:

Bioethanol production is currently the most dynamically developing sector of the biofuel industry, accounting for 85% of global biofuel production. Given global trends, it can be confidently asserted that the production of bioethanol at Ukrainian distilleries will have the following positive effects on the economy:

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