Modernization of the heating system of the pig farm with connection to the heat supply system of the biogas plant

From December 2021 – to January 2022, we have been upgrading the pig complex heating system (11 000 heads/year) with a thermal capacity of Q=1.8MW by connecting it to the biogas complex heating point (electric energy complex capacity N=3.9 MW, thermal energy Q=2.8 MW).

The AC GROUP carried out turnkey modernization works on the territory of the biogas complex (design, construction, equipment supply, installation works). We have selected and installed heat engineering equipment for the pig complex in the biogas complex heat station: heat exchanger Q= 1.8 MW, pump group, heat meter, adjustment valve, etc. From the heating point, an elevated heating route was laid from a pre-insulated pipe from the biogas station to the pig farm (with a total network length of 100 m), and a heating main with a total length of 500 m was installed on the territory of the pig farm. In each pigsty, the Customer installed fan heaters with thermal power of 55 kW, which were connected directly to the heating networks through a distribution comb.

As a result of the reconstruction of the heat supply system of the pig farm, the savings in natural gas for heating pigsties will be approximately 610 thousand m3/year. At the cost of natural gas 1500-2000 dollars. per 1000 m3 savings on consumption will be approximately 915,000 – 1,220,000 dollars. in a year. Thus, fluctuating gas prices will not lead to additional costs for heating the pig complex. Also, heat removal from the biogas complex will allow the Customer to reduce the cost of production and increase its sales level.

The payback of these measures after the reconstruction will be about 6 months.






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