Agro Holding “Gals Agro” will produce CH4 biomethane from biogas for the first time in Ukraine and will start injecting biomethane into gas distribution networks in Chernihiv region in two or three months.

In 2021-2022, AC GROUP designed and implemented the reconstruction of the existing biogas complex in Chernihiv region:

* Increased the capacity of the station from 2.4 MW*h to 6.9 MW*h;
* The type and capacity of the system for filtering and purification of biogas from moisture and sulfur H2S was replaced;
* Technical measures were implemented to integrate equipment for the production of bimethane and its subsequent injection into regional gas networks.
The implementation of such a high-tech project allows you to get even more income per hectare of agricultural land and be in the trends of new world technologies!

It is thanks to the integrated approach and coordinated work of the teams of the agricultural holding “Gals Agro” and AC GROUP – the project was implemented without stopping the operation of the station, received a surcharge to the “green” tariff + 10% and implemented the first steps in Ukraine for the production of bimethane from biogas.
The raw materials for the production of biogas, with further purification to biomethane, are energy crops and waste from the production of the agricultural holding.
The resulting biomethane will allow uninterrupted supply of clean Ukrainian gas to about 1500 households (about 3 million m3/year). The quality of this biomethane is completely similar to natural gas, the only difference is in the origin.

At the end of 2022, the equipment for purification of biogas to the quality of biomethane was delivered, gas regulating equipment and metering unit were installed, and a gas pipeline about 800 meters long was built.
With the beginning of the new year 2023, the AC GROUP team continues to work on the piping of the gas cooling shell of the second stage of biogas purification to biomethane, work on laying return gas pipelines to the biogas set, connecting and adjusting the equipment.

At this biogas plant, the content of biomethane CH4, after biogas purification, will be more than 97% and oxygen O2 less than 1.0%. The methane content in biogas largely depends on the raw materials used (corn silage, beet pulp, post-alcohol bard, molasses, cattle manure, chicken manure, etc. By contacting AC GROUP for advice on the selection of equipment or the implementation of a biogas and biomethane production project – we will help you in the implementation of a turnkey project. We have experience in design and construction of biogas plants in Ukraine (design, CC2 and CC3 license, own material and technical base, design department). Invest in biogas today, because with us it is profitable, reliable and accessible!

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